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Joe and Karen blog about current financial news to de-mystify finance and to share their thoughts about finance and accounting, training, communication, the economy, and more. This is an opportunity to continue your learning and interact with the authors of the best selling book Financial Intelligence. Here you will see blogs from our subscription site posted 2 weeks ago or more. If you want to stay current and get in on the conversation right away, sign up and you'll have access to the blog, FIQ test, videos and more!

The Dismal Financial IQ of US Managers

Posted Feb 2011
The national average score for managers on a basic financial IQ test was 38%, a failing grade. Many highly successful employees are promoted to positions of management and leadership with out ever learning the basics of finance and they are often afraid to let on that they don't understand critical measures.

When Is Debt Good?

Posted Jan 2011
Using debt to finance a business may seem counterintuitive, but in fact, it can be an efficient and cost effective way to fund a business. Tax breaks and the relatively cheaper cost of debt are two reasons why a company should use debt to finance at least part of its business.

Why GM Failed

Posted Dec 2010
Although there are lots of opinions as to why GM failed, one thing is clear - GM failed because they hadn't made a profit since 2005. Why? Because as sales went down, their costs didn't go down, as would happen in most manufacturing companies.

What Did Bernard Madoff Do?

Posted Nov 2010
Bernard Madoff committed the biggest fraud in the history of Wall Street. Essentially, he set up a Ponzi scheme that offered results that turned out to be too good to be true – low risk and high returns.

Sharing Financial Information with Employees: Why Not?

Posted Oct 2010
Public company’s financial results are public. But some of those same companies don’t share that same public information with employees. What is going on?